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To get the best from your SEO (Search engine optimisation), it needs to be planned well and be fully supportive of your business objectives.

There are varying “theories” that provide an array of outcomes. However, by focusing on the search engine guidelines and adhering to the basic principles we provide you with a service that is focused on providing sustainable, high quality, long lasting commercial results.

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Realistic Search Engine Marketing Expectations

Many companies we compete with, will try to win ‘your’ business by making claims of “quick” success within a short period of time. However, BE WARNED! It is proven that by rushing the SEO process your results will quickly slip away and they will provide no commercial value to your business.

At Springtide our SEO department will provide you with realistic, high quality, results and expectations that last over a long term  which mean that you will gain real commercial value out of our SEO investment.

Keeping Up to Date On Google

Google constantly updates it search algorithm. The google algorithm fundamentally is the way google determines what should show up in search results and how it should show up. In other words to be successful you need to keep on top of your SEO strategy.

Search engines look  for quality content with a relevant back link structure, sites that are built correctly, social citations and many other factors that impact on how your site will rank for a given search phrase. For this reason your site quality has to be good.

With this in mind we constantly monitor these updates on your behalf  and use what we learn and apply it to our clients search engine marketing campaigns.

Quality Search Engine Optimisation That Works!

Many of our clients come to us because their current SEO campaign or online is not working or is costing to much!  With our SEO techniques we are able to provide an “all of site” approach that really works to build real, sustainable business for you.

“All Of Site” SEO Focuses on Conversions..

When a potential customer visits your site! You want them to become a customer! Often this can be over looked as many SEO companies focus on “keyword” positions only. At Springtide our expertise in web site and landing page design means we can look at your site as “whole” rather than isolated on just getting more visitors. Business Web Design Services Cheshire

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“All Of Site” Approach to SEO

Many SEO companies quite simply do not grasp the fact that one or two keyword as result this is not  enough for most businesses!

Comparatively we are different, we focus our campaign on your entire web site design  and online presence. The reason for this is that your customers will use an wide range of search phrases to describe your business,  services and products . They will also use different  media platforms like, Facebook, twitter, eBay and linked-in.

Therefore we constantly research the online world, on behalf of our clients. We  learn the best approach for your particular business which means that we  build an “all of site” campaign around a wide  range of keywords and phrases.

Our unique “all of site” strategy means that we can lift your web site to the highest positions across a range of phrases and keywords using the best platforms which get your business the best and most profitable outcomes from your SEO campaign.

We don’t just optimise for ‘one or two phrases’ like ‘SEO Cheshire’, we optimise  your entire company online presence, which then provides great  results in the area that gives the highest level of return on your SEO investment.

So, to summarise… if you have multiple products/services we deliver the traffic that is the most likely to convert to real business for you. By doing this you can be sure you are not missing out on “niche” traffic and lucrative “other phrase” markets that bring you business you have never had…

How Does The “All Of Site” SEO Approach Help My Business?

Quite Simply, you will get more leads coupled with that you will get more sales and business which we are sure you would agree is the best type of SEO service you could have!

By optimising your entire site you gain more targeted visitors. By auditing   how you convert those visitors to customers (how your web site works) we  improve the “conversion rate” which maximises the impact of the SEO work we carry out which in term results in an uptake in new business.

For Example: We have a client that had around 500 people a day visiting their site! They asked us to “get more visitors” and “improve their search listing positions”! However, we understood that what they really wanted was more sales!

We improved the user experience on their site and  we were able to increase the conversion rate from 3.2% to 7.4% which as you can guess more than doubled their sales from the same visitors!

Then, for the same client we worked on getting the best  search ranking and keyword range and this then doubled the number of visitors to the site! We also then helped them build a great client retention system and this radically improved the sales to existing customers!  However, if we had just focused on visitors they would of missed out on literately thousands of pounds worth of business.

How Much Does it Cost?

*Every campaign is different, but we can guarantee that our fee’s are the lowest in the industry for the like for like services and  based on the level of impact we provide! But to put it simply our costs start at  £125/month (no fixed contract). But more importantly we would again draw your attention to the fact that we deliver results that increase your profit, which means that  for every pound spent with Springtide  your company is making more money.

Easy in Easy Out SEO Contract…

We don’t hit you with a long term agreement – after an initial 3 months you can cancel your SEO campaign with a months notice! NO penalties, no arguments! If you like what we do you’ll carry on using us!

Can’t I do it myself?

Well the simple answer is YES! But do you have the time? And can you be sure you will be doing it properly? Unless you run an SEO company and your focus is online marketing you will struggle to keep up with the ever changing aspects of internet marketing. By utilising our services you will generate more leads and new business, you will know that your web site is being looked after properly and you will hit the ground running!

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