Domain Name Audit Report and Web Site Audit Report

Find out what is impacting your domain!

Is Your Business Being Held Back?

Companies today rely on their web sites to generate new business. However, there are many web sites that are un-knowingly or knowingly penalised/sabotaged and damaged that in turn impacts the overall ranking of the site, which impacts the performance of the business. Imagine a racing driver that is trying to compete and his cars performance is crippled before he even sets off! He would have no chance of competing and his attempts would fail! It is much the same with the “race” to get good positions on Search engines. Negative SEO is a reality!

Your Domain Name Could Be Penalised…

Did you know that your company domain name could be being penalised by Google or other search engines? And any activity that you carry out to improve this position could be compounding the problem! Even activity taken out in the past to get your web site a good ranking on Google could now be causing it harm! Google regularly checks domains and links to domains to ascertain the rank the domain.

Google is Focusing on Quality Web Sites

By addressing the issues within your website your website quality improves and this will help your search engine listings. By using our domain name and web site audit report you can address the issues and know that your web site has all the boxes ticked!

“Knowledge is Power!”

This is the report Search Engine Optimisation companies don’t want you to see! This report has widely been used by Search engine optimisation companies to target businesses in need of help and to exploit and capitalise on mistakes made in the past! However, here at Springtide we believe this is wrong! This is important knowledge and in-site that should NOT be kept “in-house”. Therefore we provide you with powerful accurate management information about your domain which will help you gain an advantage in the online marketing battle!

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Standard Audit Management Report

£ 300

One Off!
  • A one off report that gives you the information at one particular moment in time.
    We provide this for a one off up-front fee and is great if you are looking to change web providers, see what your current marketing company is doing!


£300.00 Add to basket

Premium Audit Monthly Management Report Recommend!

£ 108

Per Month
  • By the very nature of the internet, domain in-site changes regularly, what we see today can often be different tomorrow! What you need to know at a glance is what is changing, what are your keyword positions An ongoing monthly report that provides you with information on how your domain is changing and the impact the changes are having on your company web site.


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Premium PLUS Audit Report

£ 180

Per Month
  • As an optional extra on the monthly report (option 2) you can upgrade to our competitor analysis package.
  • Compare:
    – Your Performance against your competitors
    – Gain in-site to what is working for them!
    – Back Link Spy – See who is linking to them!
    – Keyword spy – see which keywords they are targeting
    – Traffic Rank
    – Ranking Position comparison
  • But if you take out the Monthly report option we will provide this report for an additional £60.00/ Month the monthly fee (minimum of 3 Months)
  • Premium plus comes with all the features of the premium account but you also have a competitor comparison of up to 5 competitor web sites! Giving you complete in-site into their online marketing activity


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Domain Audit Report

The service is bespoke to your domain and web site and it provides you with an extensive report on any issues that may be arising on your site and how and what needs fixing!

1. Who is linking to you
2. Site health Check
3. SEO Issues Check
4. Diversity of link text check
5. Subnet domain check
6. Diversity of linking domains
7. Submission Report
8. SEO progress report (Monthly)
9. Whether any of the links are TOXIC
10. Backlink Quality Checks to see if any are toxic
11. Social Media Status
12. Rank Checking

13. Keyword position checking
14. Broken or damaging link status
15. On site SEO issues
16. Landing page issues
17. Sitemap Analysis
18. Social Traffic indicators
19. Link up to your analytics report
20. Internal Link Optimisation
21. Link Text Analysis
22. Page Authority Analysis
23. Landing Page Link Analysis
24. Traffic Rank