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How does your business nurture potential new customers and existing customers online?


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Whether that’s through social media, Google, email, mobile apps or whatever the next big thing will be… your business must stand out from the crowd and give your new audience the attention they deserve.


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As a  business its about spreading the word about how fantastic they are…Online marketing is now recognised as the most important part of any business wishing to succeed and prosper.


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Everyone uses the internet to source services, products and information. As a business you need to be sure that you have the right exposure on the internet that suites your business. We are specialists, we help your business to be found by the people who need to find you…

Expert Nurturing

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This can all seem very impressive and very time consuming! BUT how do you ensure that the investment (in both time and money) you are making is nurtured correctly to ensure no potential sale is lost?

Know your customers

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Keeping control of multi-channel advertising within your business is hugely important, collating customer information, recording online chats and messages, who loves, likes and wants your product or service and so on. CRM Customer relationship management forms only a part of this.

Fused together in perfect harmony

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The Springtide Associates “Project Fusion” program combines your online presence into a fully managed service contact management suite that touches all of the various media channels and brings them all to one central console. However, this is not your typical CRM (Customer relationship management) this a fusion of all the elements to create a dynamic CRM and online marketing solution.

Fully Automated

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We can develop and manage a short, medium and long term nurture campaign that ‘touches’ your business prospects on a regular basis through a fully automated program of events.

24/7 Access

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From this point on, you or your staff have access to everyone that interacts with your business  no matter the time or day, through a dedicated system that combines CRM, Web Design and online marketing ! See where they have engaged with you, whether it’s on Facebook, email, online enquiry … or multiple connections! Your client record will give you a full history of your opportunities and how they are reaching out to you.

Valuable Insite

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Create a fully populated database of clients and prospects, their history, contact details and most importantly gain an invaluable insight in to the money you spend and what offers the best interaction and conversion.

Fully Automated

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Springtide.eu “Project Fusion” offers a fully managed solution, bringing a complete online marketing strategy into a contact management system designed, managed and delivered to your business.

Fully managed campaigns
Identify best route to market
Low cost per lead

Pay Monthly Options

Personal Client Manager
Bespoke Industry development
Fast Route to market
Joined Up Campaigns
Low Monthly Management fee

SEO Experts

Remarketing Experts
NO fixed term contracts

Experienced Professionals

360 degree marketing
Daily Monitoring and updating

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Springtide Making The Web Stuff Simple!

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